Some people think that nurse shortages is a problem that has come up because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the truth is, the healthcare industry has been facing this shortage even before the pandemic happened. It is just that after the pandemic, the problem has suddenly become too evident for all of us. Sometimes, the shortage was so acute that many retired nurses had to come out of their retirement to help hospitals and clinics deal with high number of patients.

It is believed that certain factors played a major role in affecting the supply and demand of nursing candidates. For instance, aging baby boomers require more medical assistance, many nurses reaching their retirement age, and problems in nursing education affecting talent pipeline. Healthcare organizations that used effective nursing recruitment strategies managed to protect their business from the negative effects of the aforementioned factors. In this blog, we will tell you some effective ways through which your healthcare organization can hire nurses quickly. What are those ways? Let’s find out.

Realize That Competition Is Really Stiff
We know that there is nurse shortages, but we need to acknowledge this properly. Nurse recruiters are doing whatever they can to attract talented nurse practitioners (NPs) through aggressive strategies. You should not be surprised to find organizations promising bonuses, loan forgiveness, and educational opportunities to attract best nurses in the market. So, if you want those talented nurses to come to your organization, you will have to first acknowledge that there is a stiff competition and accordingly up your recruitment game.

Let The Nurses Know What You Can Offer To Them
It is quite surprising to observe that many healthcare organizations make the mistake of focusing solely on recruiting nurses. They forget to think about the needs and aspirations of nurses. Nurses do not just want a good salary but an opportunity to grow and learn as well. They want to know what their role is going to be in your organization and whether they will be provided tools and resources to properly fulfill those roles. You need to show to potential nurse candidates how you will help them in their future endeavors and what kind of support you will offer them throughout their time with their organization.

Provide Strong Supervision To Inexperienced Nurses
There is no doubt about the fact that every healthcare organization wants to hire the best nurse practitioners in the job market. However, as you might be aware, it is not easy to attract those nurses. Plus, you have to pay a good salary to those experienced, highly-qualified nurses. So, what can you do? You can consider going for brand new nurses with little job experience. Just make sure you use strong mentoring programs to train them about their job roles in your organization. Make sure they are under proper supervision in order to prevent them from making mistakes.

Other things you can do to get talented nurses includes helping nursing schools accommodate your future hires, focus on nurse retention, fight toxic workplace, and look for nurses that are willing to try something different. If you want qualified and experienced nurse practitioners, PsyPhyCare can help. As a known nurse practitioner temp agency, we have helped countless number of healthcare organizations with their NP staffing needs. We have many years of experience in successful sourcing, rigorous candidate profiling, robust screening, and candidate placement.