At PsyPhyCare, we're on a mission to transform healthcare staffing by infusing purpose, empathy, and patient-centeredness. We reignite professionals' passion for meaningful connections, prioritizing purpose over profit and compassion over convenience. Our "Winning Why" process ensures values-aligned healthcare placements, laying the foundation for a more caring and impactful healthcare system.

We strive to completely comprehend your business strategies and organizational objectives and match them with ideal personnel to ensure desired healthcare standards. Our expert professionals at PsyPhyCare offer hands-on assistance to develop competitive incentives, talent sourcing strategies, thorough yet nimble screening, and interviews to serve professional expectations. Being listed among top physician staffing companies, it is our duty to maintain our reputation by matching our words with action through our unmatched quality. Our unrivaled quality of service ensures client success while fostering long-term relationships based on earned and deserved trust.


Business Staffing of America, Inc. was started and specialized in Technical Staffing.


Business Staffing of America, Inc. launched a Medical Staffing Division.


PsyPhyCare was initiated, serving as a Federal Government medical support division.


PsyPhyCare's Permanent Staffing/ Recruiting Division was launched as a result of healthcare hyper growth.


Bennett Santana


Bennett, President and Founder of BSOFA, leverages 30+ years of staffing expertise, mentoring, and tailored problem-solving for clients' unique challenges

Halla Karaman

Strategic Account Director

Halla boasts 10+ years in Staffing and Logistics, excelling in tailored F500 solutions at the medical-tech-data nexus, enhancing success.

Alissa Santana

Client Success Manager

Alissa is an expert in project management, bridging B2B and B2C to maximize ROI, benefiting clients and employees through efficient processes.

Keith Pomocnik

Recruiting Manager

Keith, a veteran with 5+ years, cherishes building meaningful relationships and assisting people.

Richard Hernandez

Contract Specialist

Richard, a 20+ year FAR expert, adeptly manages federal contracts with precision and seasoned expertise.

Robert Andrade

Payroll Manager

Robert excels in AR management for 17+ years by ensuring prompt payments to all vendors and contractors.