Improve Employee Wellness with Staffing Solutions for Telehealth Companies

Telehealth was a step-change, born out of necessity that went from being an underused, value-added offering to the safest, most secure and the only means of accessing healthcare. The strong continued uptake of with the ongoing global emergency continuing to change the way Americans work and live improved access, outcomes and affordability.

As per a Mckinsey report, approximately $250 billion of US healthcare expenses could be transferred to virtual or virtually enabled care. Although the virtual healthcare solution has been acting as a pillar during the lockdown, low productivity, staggering retention rates, and company morale has been suffering. The primary reason behind this issue would be the lack of talent and shortage of professionals

Stress was a major contributing factor behind physicians, nursing staff among other professionals quitting their jobs. As per a Business Insider report, US businesses lose nearly $300 billion every year due to the impact of employee stress. While Telehealth is an opportune option, employers need to consider a few aspects to leverage the concept completely.


With an increased consumer willingness to use telehealth, as an employer, you need to ensure that your employees are able to match the demand. Not every employee of your healthcare organization will be technologically competent or comfortable with the shift. Work with your HR managers to help your existing workforce see the simplicity and value of virtual care. Partner with the best physician recruiting firms offering staffing solutions for telehealth companies to upgrade your workforce.


Telehealth can be a sophisticated technology depending on the level and intensity of your application. Make sure your employees are at pace with the organizational changes. Familiarize them with how to use proper lighting, ensuring privacy and discrediting during the session and sharing real-time reports. Additionally, equip your employees with proper measures and know-hows to ensure quality, affordability and patient satisfaction.


Before you decide to invest in a telehealth provider or leverage staffing solutions for telehealth companies, get familiar with the kind of technologies existing in the market. Take a few of them for a test drive and check their compatibility with your organizational goals. Here are a few things you need to consider before investing in a technology:

  • How does the technology handle data protection and privacy?
  • How does its existing user base rate and review the technology?
  • Does it ensure complete satisfaction on both patients as well as the user end?
  • Does it allow seamless integration and transition from in-person to virtual care?
  • Are there any additional features like mobile lab testing, walk-in clinics, and in-home care?

The pandemic has brought the once-niche Telehealth service into mainstream healthcare. With technologies further transcending and evolving healthcare, it's crucial for healthcare organizations, private clinics and hospitals to address the potential shift with the right professionals in their team. As innovation reduces potential exposure risks, a strong and capable workforce will aid a smoother organizational transition as the care pathways get redesigned to include virtual modalities. If you would like some assistance in healthcare recruitment, connect with us to leverage our customized efficient solutions.