4 Critical Roles of Telemedicine In Modern Healthcare

Since its rising popularity in the 1980s, telehealth has come a long way, undergoing significant improvements brought by advancements in information technology. Telehealth today encompasses a broad range of devices and technologies innovated to transmit information from one point to another in real time, enabling medical professionals to provide services to facilities in rural and remote communities.

5 Ways Hiring a Healthcare Staffing Firm Can Benefit a Healthcare Facility

Finding a healthcare professional is no easy task. Besides the recruitment and hiring cost and the time and effort that goes into it, there are certain things that may not work out when hiring a new employee.

Why More and More Hospitals are Choosing Physician Staffing Companies

Finding the right candidates for your job opening can be an overwhelming task, even with all the technology available today. A specialized recruiting and staffing agency with experience in the industry can help solve your woes.

When Should You Go for Locum Tenens Physician Staffing?: Guide for Practitioners & Employers

As per a survey, approximately 52,000 number of physicians worked as locum tenens in 2019. The widespread usage of locum tenens physician staffing is also an indicator of staff shortage and opportunities.

5 Ways a Dental Employment Agency Can Minimize Perils of Staffing

Hiring the right candidate is probably the dream of every HR manager and employer. Finding the right candidate fit can sometimes be more complex than handling an enormous patient load.

A Doctor's Guide to COVID-19

COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus disease, is an infectious disease that targets the respiratory system and can make someone dangerously ill.

Dental Hiring Agencies and Physician Recruiting Companies: Why You Should Leverage Them?

Just the other day, one of our team members came across a TikTok where a nurse and a doctor compare their work-life and salaries.

Improve Employee Wellness with Staffing Solutions for Telehealth Companies

Telehealth was a step-change, born out of necessity that went from being an underused, value-added offering to the safest, most secure and the only means of accessing healthcare.